Cleansing Kit ( II weeks ) | Pakiet oczyszczający (2 tygodnie)

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Cleansing kit includes:

· Kidney&bladder I tincture 50ml

· Kidney&bladder II tincture 50ml

· Endocrine support tincture 50ml

· Adrenal Support tincture 50ml

· Lymphatic system I tincture 50ml

· Gi renew (stomach&bowel) capsules 90

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Cleansing kit is focusing on the Lymphatic System (the body’s sewer system), kidneys (the main lymph filter), stomach&bowel, Endocrine Gland System, including but not limited to: the Pineal, Pituitary, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Thymus, Pancreas, Adrenals, Ovaries and Prostate. These new kits will guide you through a deeper and more thorough detoxification and set the stage for a more complete healing and cellular regeneration.



10kg – 23kg: 1/3ml

23kg – 35kg: 1/2ml

35kg – 70kg: 1ml

70kg – 100kg: 1,5ml

100kg – 135kg: 2ml

Add to a little water or juice 3 times a day.



– 1 to 6 capsules, 2-3 times per day.
– (3 caps in A.M. & 3 caps in P.M. is preferred).


Avoid during pregnancy and breastfeeding

·Powders and loose teas should be refrigerated after opening for longest freshness and potency. Tinctures, glycerins and capsules do not need to be refrigerated but should be stored in a cool, dark location (out of direct light). This will ensure longest freshness and potency.

NB: Kits will be sent with GI Renew #2. If you wish to have a different strength, then make a note in the comments box.