Liver | Wątroba

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·Milk Thistle Seed

·Yellow Dock Root

·Burdock Root

·Oregon Grape Root

·Artichoke Leaf

·Dandelion Root

·Dandelion Leaf

·Gentian Roo


Other Ingredients: 40% Alcohol

Herb Strength: 1:4 Whole Herb Extract.

Made in Poland

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This herbal formula was created as an anti-inflammatory, cleanser, enhancer and rebuilder of the liver and gallbladder tissue. Increases iron and iron-carrying capacity of the blood.

SYSTEMIC ACTIONS: A strong liver and gallbladder tonic, promotes hepatic functions, increases the production and storage of bile. Protects liver cells from chemical damage. Alternative, antibilious, antiinflammatory, anti-pyretic, antiseptic, astringent, bitter tonic, carminative, cholagogue, demulcent,
deobstruant, depurative, detoxicant, digestant, laxative (very mild), nutritive, parasiticide, sialagogue,
gastric stimulant (mild), tonic and vulnerary.




10kg – 23kg: 1/3ml

23kg – 35kg: 1/2ml

35kg – 70kg: 1ml

70kg – 100kg: 1,5ml

100kg – 135kg: 2ml

Add to a little water or juice 3 times a day.



– 1 to 6 capsules, 2-3 times per day.
– (3 caps in A.M. & 3 caps in P.M. is preferred).


Avoid during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


·Powders and loose teas should be refrigerated after opening for longest freshness and potency. Tinctures, glycerins and capsules do not need to be refrigerated but should be stored in a cool, dark location (out of direct light). This will ensure longest freshness and potency.


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50ml, 100ml, Capsules (90) Vegicaps, Glycerine 100ml